Wilson Racquet Sports


In 1982, Wilson changed the way Tennis balls were sold when they introduced the pressurized PET can and the exciting Champion product line. More than twenty years later, a lot had changed in the sport, but Wilson’s tennis balls were largely unchanged.

Wilson hired Torque to develop a new positioning as well as refresh the packaging and merchandising approach, and also develop a plan for the full product line.

And in the process of defining tennis balls, Wilson asked Torque to lay a foundation for the overall Wilson Tennis Brand and other Wilson Racquet product lines.


Torque dove in with retail audits and consumer intercepts in sporting goods stores across the country, to understand the interests of consumers and their perception of the brand. From our findings, we developed a positioning strategy to literally reshape the category with a square can. The proposed Square One campaign embodied Wilson’s ‘Box W’ logo mark, and also represented the spirit of the game (played within the box). Beyond the can design, Torque developed point of sale displays to support the look and theme of the new product line.

Because a pressurized square can called for reengineering, it would not be ready for the next product season. To adapt, Torque developed and interim launch, redesigning the classic cylinder while consolidating products in the line. The transition plan calls for new performance story releases and incremental design changes over the course of three years. Designs have also been adapted to racquets and accessories.

The result was a complete paradigm shift for the category, scheduled for a 2005 launch. Preliminary trade promotions have been met with enthusiasm, andcustomers have embraced the streamlined product line and the contemporary look of the marketing.