Universal Security

Universal Security is the third-largest smoke and gas detector manufacturer. But most consumers haven’t heard of them, despite leading technology and innovative products. The company hired Torque to develop a social media plan to support the sales process to retail buyers and also build brand visibility with consumers and support an aggressive sales initiative online and in-store for a large range of retailers.
Torque executed intensive, deep-research to develop a high-volume interactive and agile social media plan. After three months of interaction, spread among four different relevant interaction topics/communities, we were able to pinpoint which topic had the most potential for generating interaction, and focus solely on that. Specifically, we targeted specific social media posts about false alarm experiences. By focusing on these episodic posts, were able to educate consumers more effectively about USI’s innovative smoke alarm technology. We also continued to build brand reputation by interacting with fire safety experts and sharing helpful resources, both original and curated, about fire safety. In seven months, we built brand trust substantially, as measured by high-value social media interaction metrics.