Trulia has 400,000 registered residential real estate agent users, however only 100,000 are active. Trulia wanted to incentivize an additional 100,000 to update their profiles, an initial step in making the web-based real estate platform a central resource for running their practice. The company wanted to have a sweepstakes for a Mercedes-Benz 400 E hybrid. The company turned to Torque to develop the creative campaign, and to stimulate community participation through variety of media channels, including two national trade shows. Torque was given very tight deadline: 6 weeks to be in market with the media.
Our approach was to get into the real estate agent mindset, recognizing that many operate on small margins, and within narrow local market areas. Job 1: apply agile marketing Torque moved rapidly through concept and creative ideation, taking into account a variety of conditions and adjusting for feedback. Our approach was to deploy traditional media as well as through digital channels, including a strong presence at the trade shows. However, initial web banner advertising that included A/B testing was disappointing. Taking this is valuable market data, we worked with the client to make further adjustments, which then began to yield results.