Touch Salons


Touch Salon is a high-design wellness spa franchise that launched in Chicago. Torque’s role was to position the brand against independent salons, appeal to its target of young professionals. The company turned to Torque to target market segments, position the brand, create brand appeal and develop a marketing system for launching new franchises.


We recognized the lack of manicure/pedicure hygiene was a threat to consumer health, with unsterile instruments and bacteria-harboring washtubs passing on germs and infection. We emphasized clinical hygiene in the marketing, showcasing sterile-wrapped and single-use manicuring instrument sets. Additionally, we emphasized the salon experience as a social event rather than as a solitary transaction.

Torque developed marketing to support each salon’s unique advertising needs, while mantaining consistent global brand image. We provided a full brand identity, in-store signage, promotions, website, banner advertising, email marketing and search marketing, as well as developed sales presentations for potential franchisees.

The opening of the first Touch Salon was met with immediate success, and appointment books were quickly filled. Touch has had interest from an array of potential franchisee buyers, compelled both by the look and feel of the Touch brand and also by the ease at which they can market their own stores.