The 26th Chicago Veritiv Paper Show

The 2015 Chicago Veritiv Paper Show was the 26th of its kind and a landmark event for the Veritiv brand on its own. The challenge was to make this year unique compared to the previous years, and to make print relevant in an increasingly digital age. Being selected to brand, theme and strategize the show from among the hundreds of Chicago's creative and marketing firms was a true privilege. Torque was chosen not just as a noted Chicago agency, but as a firm that understood the marketing implications of digital and traditional print.
Torque approached the show from the idea that holding a beautiful print piece in your hand is about an experience, and that paper has the ability to convey a brand's “persona.” And so with the concept “Paper Persona,” Torque fully branded the show and developed the show experience. The ideas of personality, collage, and mini-events were all used. From the experiential invitations to the artful parade of keynote speakers and highly shareable photo booth, Torque elevated this show to stand out among the rest and added a layer of communication relevancy with social media. All of the event signage and the two videos of the event branded and marketed the show while fully embodying its spirit.