Tawani/ Farcroft

The Farcroft Building, also known as Farcroft by the Lake, sits just off the waterfront in Chicago’s Roger’s Park neighborhood. It’s marked by unique architectural flares and classic design. But over the years, management became lax with upkeep and the building grew to look more and more dilapidated. With new funding from the Pritzker family, Tawani Enterprises began a restoration. Torque was tapped for assistance in a complete building rebrand and to set the  foundational marketing in place for a building relaunch.
After researching neighborhood demographics and looking into market trend reports, Torque established marketing messaging and language for Farcroft’s prospective tenants, including former tenants eager to move back in and new hopefuls in love with the historic north side landmark. Torque also gave Tawani and online presence with social marketing and a completely new webpage with new photo assets, writing, design, and programming.