JF McKinney & Associates 55 West Monroe


55 W. Monroe is a new structure, dominating all building characteristics tenants desire - beginning with its modern amenities and ending with its advantageous downtown location. Upon their acquisition, J.F. McKinney & Associated enlisted the help of Torque to develop a campaign that of course showcased all of 55's favorable attributes, but more importantly, to develop a campaign that was memorable, eye-catching, and fresh within the commercial real estate market.


Something new was happening at 55 W. Monroe. The buildings high lofted ceilings, panoramic views of Chicago, and overall vibrant interiors spoke directly to anyone who experienced the structure. The "Xplore 55 W. Monroe" campaign utilized an "X" to indicate the hidden treasure in the midst of Chicago's downtown map. With the development of the buildings identity, logo, sales collateral, and events, 55 W. Monroe's greatness not only came into the sights of tenants and investors, but also the downtown community.

Torque's unconventional creative approach proved to J.F. McKinney and Chicago's commercial real estate world that a building can and should have its own story and voice, or as we like to put it - BRAND.  The campaign for 55 W. Monroe has generated substantial interest from investors and tenants, and the occupancy levels continue to climb.