JF McKinney & Associates


JF McKinney is Chicago’s boutique firm, specializing in landlord representation, project marketing, leasing to land acquisition, and property development.  A small firm, they have grown in reputation to rival even the biggest players. They recognized the need stronger marketing materials and presentation tools to compete. Torque was brought on as marketing and branding agency to help with JF McKinney’s  corporate marketing, and to also provide marketing support for the properties they manage.


In reviews of the company’s accomplishments and the stature of the engagements, we realized there was something special about this company. They displayed a unique and ability to rapidly lease a very difficult properties, as well as a special way of handling premium buildings in the highest demand districts. Torque worked closely with the principals of the firm to craft new business materials, messages and collateral, creating a tone and image of prestige and sophistication, backed by high status project results.