Green Exchange

When the redevelopment company Baum Brothers, LLC purchased the Cooper Lamp Building in Chicago, their vision was to convert the century-old landmark into a business that would not only adhere to the environmental standards but would also become a resource portal and community hub, through which other businesses could collaborate and expand the overall green community. The Cooper Lamp Building was renovated according to L.E.E.D. Standards. The redesigned space is used exclusively as office and retail space for businesses that encourage environmental consciousness and offer environmentally sustainable products or services. Baum enlisted Torque to brand and market the project.
Torque utilized a multi-faceted strategy to promote Green Exchange. To begin, we created a brand system, including name, positioning strategy and message platform. Torque designed a logo mark and developed print brochures and an online program. Additionally, we conceived the creation of a virtual community using an online message board, through which members of the green community can meet, share ideas and products, and learn more about the Green Exchange and other green business initiatives in Chicago.