After celebrating its 25th anniversary, FAER, who serves practitioners in the field of anesthesiology, saw an opportunity to provide new levels of value to its members through online marketing and content. Top priority: develop a healthcare brand that communicates this value, and deliver the message through digital marketing channels.


Torque worked with FAER to develop a shared understanding and definition of the organization’s current & potential members, as well as how it was perceived within the medical community. Based on this understanding, we redesigned the visual brand, including logo mark, identity system and brand standards that distinguished FAER  consistently across all internal and outbound communications.

We then developed the faer.org website, online content and a forum for expressing the values of the organization, as well as a tool for members and practitioners to identify grants and programs to further their careers. The website delivers content to practitioners based on the stage in their careers: early, middle or late. This gives users an easy way to navigate to the content and resources that are most relevant to them.

FAER’s members have responded enthusiastically to the revitalized brand, logo, marketing materials and website. The organization is well positioned for growth and delivering ever-increasing levels of value to its members.