Eon Clinics


Eon Clinics, a Chicago-based chain of dental implant clinics, wanted to bring the promise of a lifetime guarantee for dental implants to the correct market segments. Eon engaged Torque to rebrand and launch the clinics and bridge the gap between a $60K medical procedure and a lower income consumer market target who need implants the most.


We immediately recognized that Eon needed to move past the medical technology of the implant product, and communicate to baby boomers and seniors the life-changing benefit of getting a new and permanent smile. We framed the emotional positioning as: perfect teeth for a lifetime.

Torque designed a logo and and visual identity system for the clinics, crafted the tagline: “Dental Implant Solutions for Life” and then developed a targeted mass media plan, including outdoor, cable and radio. We also placed floor decals in the denture cream aisles in pharmacies and out-of-home video spots on health care channels and monitors. To support the sales efforts, we wrote and designed collateral, redesigned the website, and added social media to the mix.

Eon is in the first stages of its launch, and with the new brand positioning and refined message, they present themselves as a strong player in the market.