BOMA Real Estate


The Chicago chapter of Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) was watching enrollment numbers drop and the age of their members rise. It signaled changing times and BOMA wanted to remain relevant and central in this emerging era. They wanted to express their leadership through a new brand and value proposition around which the community could rally.


BOMA asked Torque to help increase awareness and build membership, with particular appeal to young professionals. We began work by assessing existing research, including a large body of survey and interview data. We then translated historical information and a business vision of the leadership team, into a message platform and visual identity system.

We designed the new logo mark and brand standards, and extended them to sales materials, educational programs, online marketing campaigns, sponsorships and events. We also built an online directory, now a huge addition to the media mix and great value to members.

Success has been resounding. BOMA has a waiting list for affiliate members, and is holding its own given the soft economy and poor real estate market. The award winning brand has been very well received nationally. Collectively the promotional materials have been a great sales aid and awareness of BOMA has increased dramatically.