Becker Professional Education


Becker was comprised of three separate brands, and was marketing to multiple audiences in fragmented ways. They lacked a unified corporate brand identity that harnessed the recognition and strength of the Becker name. After extensive research and brand planning, Becker came to Torque with the need to re-image their visual brand identity, and to develop a fresh brand message.


Torque translated the core message of “Practical Empowerment” to a new logo, brand identity system, and a full range of course study materials. Torque also launched the new brand with traditional media and online advertising, with the campaign line: “Prepared for_________.”

This highly personal campaign represented the empowering relationship Becker provided, and united the program with a bold, progressive brand system.

Becker re-launched the new brand with excitement and fanfare. The organization has rallied behind the new brand approach, in the US as well as Europe and other markets. The sales team is well equipped, and also supportive of the new messaging. Most importantly, enrollment is up and Becker’s market leadership is stronger than ever.