312 Urban Wheat Ale


We immediately recognized the market opportunity for 312. Not only did we see the potential for the tap handle to break from the traditional Goose head handle, but the light weiss style of the beer had the perfect balance of light crispness and distinct flavor. Our brand strategy: present an adventure to those looking for more than an ordinary brew. Something full of flavor but not overpowering. The perfect introduction to craft beer.


Torque helped identify the beer's audience: young, urban tribes seeking excitement in the big city. As an unfiltered beer, we endowed it with a philosophy of living life, unedited. We made 312 a celebration of Chicago.

Torque positioned the beer as uniquely crafted and distinct-tasting, appealing to the everyday drinker looking for a little more taste. A product that perfectly complemented food, music and good times with discerning friends. We redesigned the Goose Island logo mark, then incorporated the new 312 mark. We extended that to a bottle and packaging system, and featured the distinct ingredients, the story of the brew style, and correct drinking glass for the beer.

Our marketing program includes website design, event support, outdoor advertising, radio advertising, on-premise materials, sales support, promotions, event microsites, social media activation and other digital marketing.

Within months, 312 was selling in and selling through at a very rapid rate. Several major retailers began carrying the product and within 8 months over 100 bars had 312 on tap. 312 events and in-store promotions have pushed sales 20% beyond target. After 3 years, 312 became—and remains—Goose Island’s best selling product nation-wide.