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Est. 1992
From our very earliest iteration, Torque has always been a brand positioning and marketing agency in Chicago. That is not to say we haven't changed dramatically over the past 23 years. Like the best of marketing firms, we've hopped nimbly from digital tool to marketing innovation, keeping up with the Jones'. But amidst all the Darwinian marketing change, we've stuck to our core passion - digital, early adopters of technology and the facilitation of brand emergence. Torque - creatively driven, strategically grounded and maniacally focused on marketing service. The Masi brothers started in an old, dusty attic in Chicago with a Macintosh II, identical pony tails and a lot of determination. They learned quickly that too many fonts ensured bad design, deadlines rule, and that impeccable delivery to clients was paramount. In 1996 we hired our first full-time digital designer/programmer and added a web offering. We moved to Chicago’s West Loop and focused on using a thing called the world wide web to market our clients. We expanded our repertoire and embraced the creation of brand strategy and integrated marketing campaigns. In 2009 we moved closer to downtown Chicago on the edge of Randolph Street's restaurant row. In 2011 we added social media marketing to our digital marketing offerings and soon after, moved our enterprise work to the cloud. We’ve served many great clients and had a chance to deliver a rich portfolio of noteworthy results. We look forward to sharing all this with you over a beer or coffee some day.
Along our 23 year journey, we've experienced both hard knocks and high-points. In all this tumult, we have been fortunate to have hired many talented people and to have received guidance from numerous sage marketing advisors. Without these gurus and committed employees, we would not have a marketing agency of such solidity and substance. People have been important to our past, and every year we look for the next inspirational person who will help us grow. After all, our culture is what inspires us to stay and thrive in the marketing world! What we know is that we are curious listeners and discoverers. Good marketing, creative thinking and invention is built on a bedrock of insight. Marketing is anything but constant—we are agile practitioners, on our toes incorporating new information as we navigate the ever changing world for our clients. We are grace under pressure. When the going gets tough we get bear down, keep our heads about us and enjoy the ride. Above all we are committed to delivering excellent work and extraordinary experiences for our clients. We are brave. We are bold. We believe in what we do.