Website Design and Development

Website design planning 

Successful website design supports business and marketing objectives. Job-one is to understand the goal of the website as it fits into those strategies and how it will deliver on those goals.

Websites are the digital front door of a company and immediately convey the brand image as well as brand experience through message, design and rich media content. Websites are also the hub of social media and digital marketing.

Torque is a digital marketing agency at Chicago. Our design process is complex and draws on many capabilities and contributors, and we work with clients to teach and lead them throughout.

Websites are living, breathing business tools that are continually receiving new content, links, and functionality. The design process must allow for unforeseen future requirements and be agile to allow for improvement as the organization becomes more skillful in the digital marketing world.

Torque website design process  

We see our website development process as a journey, and an opportunity for our clients to advance their organizations through a digital transformation as they learn to incorporate new people, content and resources, both inside and outside of their organization. When we design for the web, we are really designing three elements:

1. The surface

The surface is what we see when we look at the site: the brand expression, colors, imagery, iconography and typography.

2. The structure

The structure is how the content is organized and how it enables users to interact, including navigation and other aspects of user experience design. It is also the way the administrators and contributors add, revise and display content.

3. The content

The content is created and contributed over time as the site serves its purpose in the marketing and commerce workstream of the organization. Content needs are identified from the start, and content and design are developed in parallel. Splitting the design into these three parts allows teams to focus on the parallel paths of design development and content creation with proper coordination and guidance. Splitting into three allows us to design faster, test assumptions earlier and adjust the design as we learn through in the process.

Agile website development

Agile is an iterative development process that delivers incremental releases of a product, and allows for rapid and flexible response to changes and discoveries. By contrast, in the traditional "Water Fall" approach, a project flows through a series of steps with no opportunity for testing or feedback until the site is complete.

The Torque digital team includes user experience designers, information architects and digital search strategists. We have the development resources to build sites in open source CMS platforms like Drupal and WordPress as well as proprietary platforms like SharePoint.

Case studies:

Holabird & Root

FAER, Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research