Creative is sometimes a lost term in the marketing world, with so many different meanings and so hastily tossed about.

Torque is a digital marketing agency at Chicago. Torque has a culture and core values about what it is to have creative talent and to make creative products. We believe that creating is making something new or join familiar parts into new combinations. All creative work starts with a marketing idea and concepts are our lifeblood as a marketing agency. It’s no small feat to be on-strategy and on-message while also striking an emotional chord. 

We have tough standards for originality and also for relevance. No pretty pictures for their own sake. No clever lines that are just silly without connection. In fact we prefer to talk about our creative and visual design work as a process of invention, to convey the value and impact of the work we do.

Creative ideas take shape in wide array of media in our offices. Here are some of the preveland ones: 

  • Website design taken to the next level with carefully designed user interface and with a user experience in mind.
  • A responsive website that artfully collapses the desktop detail and form factor experience into four-inch mobile utility.
  • Copywriting of headlines and taglines that bring an emotional brand story to life.
  • Print design married with materials, shapes and colors, both unified and elegant.
  • Surprising photographic images, from candid journalistic moments (perhaps shot with a smart phone) to carefully cast, lit, staged and orchestrated studio shots.
  • And perhaps some of the most powerful creative work of all in video, with our multi-discipline production process that combines script writing, storyboarding, cinematography, editing, sound design and post production.

Torque digital marketing capabilities.

Creative Work Case studies:

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