Brand Marketing and Identity

Brand marketing is a blend of positioning strategy and the delivery of a brand promise—brand strategy and execution. A company’s brand is in the perception of the market and successful businesses understand that the brand experience is shaped with every customer interaction in the marketplace. As a brand marketing agency, Torque advises clients for the best business outcome, then we develop the brand touch points.

The most well understood elements of the brand platform are visual design, including the logo mark, brand identity system and architectures. These assets and tools help companies organize their products and communications as they go to market every day. However, what everyone working in the company—what they each say and do—is also part of the brand. And today brand marketing focuses heavily on user experiences such as authenticity, transparency and trust, partly created through the brand voice. That's because brands develop trust through their actions not their marketing words.

Our marketing planning process is holistic and considers all the dimensions of brand marketing and brand identity planning and design, and includes these services:

  • Brand positioning, segmentation and go-to-market strategy 
  • Brand architecture for products, business units and holdings
  • Logo mark design
  • Brand identity design
  • Brand standards

Case studies:

FAER Foundation for Anesthsia and Research 

Jarden Life Sciences

WeCare Card

Becker Professional Education