Don’t Brag. Chat Instead.

Multiple sources have called 2016 the “year of the customer.” We’ve always believed in customer-focused marketing, and lately we’ve been thinking about it even more.

This past month, Small Business Bonfire had an interesting idea about how a brand’s website copy should have a customer-focus. Often, a brand’s website is the customer’s first impression of the brand. When trying to win customers, it’s tempting for a business to say something like, “we’re the best choice.” Seems logical, right? If you want to be chosen, convince the chooser that you’re the best. But human nature is such that you can’t tell people what to do unless they’ve given you permission to do so. To persuade customers, you have to focus on their interests above all. They don’t care who you are; they care about what they want and need.

Therefore, your website content should address customer needs. Small Business Bonfire even goes as far as to say that every piece of copy on your website should have the potential to create conversation--and we agree.

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