2016 Forecast: The Year of the Customer

‘Tis the season for forecasts! And I’m pushing “customer focus” to the top of the list.

There are many reasons for this, all  summarized with the idea that relationships are key in running a small marketing company like Torque. In addition to customers, other vital relationships include relationships with the best talent, vendors and partners.

Throughout the upcoming year, I will be posting my thoughts on each of those different relationships. But the first relationship I want to take a look at is the relationship with the customer. I came across an article titled, “Why 2016 will be the year of the customer” on Marketing-Interactive.com that perfectly summarizes the customer-focus practice. The concepts in this article seem simple, but carrying them out everyday in an agency can provide a lifetime of skill development. Rather than re-write my own version of this thorough article, I’m sharing my key takeaways below.

These takeaways are important for marketers when choosing partners based on shared interests and values, and for agencies to deliver great experiences along with great work.


1. Customer-obsession.

Forrester has put its top predictions on the line and says 2016 will a year driven by complex, high-stakes customer-obsessed strategies.”

Throughout, the article is emphatic that this isn’t just customer service rhetoric, but a fanatical passion.


2. Spotlight on customer experience.

Customer experience (CX) has become the top priority for business and technology leaders for good reason”

Customer experience has been popular before, and it’s roaring back as a top priority. What’s different now is that it’s not just for the customer service department, but will be a priority for people “from all corners of the enterprise”


3. Digital.

“As CEOs wake up to the fact that their firms need to take digital business seriously” there will be a “widening gap” between those that do and those who lag behind.

Technology tools will provide critical CX advantage.


Here’s to prosperity in 2016!