What's it Like to Work at Torque?

We’ve been looking for a senior designer to join our team. And we’ve been very picky about candidates--we're looking for someone extraordinary.

Behind-the-Scenes of Torque

I joined Torque as a freelancer in late January of this year, and joined the team full time just this past September. When I first started frequenting the office, I was struck by how relaxed, open, and fun the environment seemed. 

But despite smoking cigars on the roof, taking flash breaks for ping pong, drinking inhuman amounts of coffee and then chasing it down with a beer after 4:30PM, or grilling burgers on the fire escape, Torque is a serious business environment. 

The owners of the company believe every staff member has deep insight and direct experiences that can help to make the agency run better. Being a Torque employee means you not only develop courageous plans, design beautifully, write inventively, code impeccably or manage projects with laser efficiency, but you also learn how to run a business. The entire staff is exposed to company profit and loss, margins, client evaluations, freelance budgeting, annual revenue goals and more. In an effort to bring out the entrepreneur in everyone, each member is responsible for a piece of the business in a process called “open book management.”

Each morning in our daily status meeting, we all come together on the large sectional couch and sprawling office chairs to talk about what everyone’s working on for the day. This special meeting is a part of open book management. Torque’s philosophy comes from Jack Stack’s Great Game of Business. On a rolling white board, the delivery team tracks their individual milestones for the week. Milestones are the steps we take along the life of a project in order to get it done efficiently and precisely. The delivery team is on the front lines of delivering work to clients—we know what’s most needed to get the job done, and we are trusted to deliver those things.

Torque is proud of its core cultural value of growing people’s talents and skills. I have already felt my talents and skills being cultivated at Torque. The owners want to see every employee’s full potential emerge. 

One way to cultivate growth is through encouraging all employees to build direct client relationships. Every employee should see the clients they serve and learn client interaction first-hand. The owners of the company want all employees to feel deeply tied to the success of the company and the projects they touch; client exposure is one way to make that happen.

The ever-playing music and continual laughs heard at the office give the appearance of a light workload, but there’s always much to do. The calm atmosphere provides a place for getting hard work done. From those who throw Nerf darts to those who tell dad jokes, Torque is full of characters who are also talented, hard-workers.

In a small company, you’ll never feel like just another “cog in the machine.” Here, you can make a big impact. And small doesn’t have to mean getting by with less--we deliver big things. Come for the sporadic free lunches; stay for the consistent community of creativity. 

Steve Jobs said, “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” This is exactly the philosophy Torque holds for staff. Working at Torque is more than a job.

Looking for another Creative with Entrepreneurial spirit

We’ve been searching for a person who will be the right fit to fill our senior design position. We want someone who’s ready to jump right in and join the Torque family. Someone who can design expertly while creatively directing other designers. We’re looking for someone who can develop concepts like crazy and look at the business implications of the work we’re doing. If this learning environment interests you, find out more here: http://torque.digital/content/joining-torque