Uber Serves Up Mobile for No Kid Hungry.

No Kid Hungry Mobile charitable cause campaign

Corporate giveback campaigns during the holidays are more than trending—they're booming. Kudos to Uber for blowing the doors off it with their No Kid Hungry campaign. They began on Dec. 9 with the hope of providing #3MillionMeals for children in need. They shot past the goal in just four days when the Uber Community raised more than 5 million meals. 300,000 meals were raised through UberLUNCH & UberCHEF, Uber made a direct donation of 1.5 million meals, and Uber riders donated another 3.25 million meals through the Donate Option in the Uber app.

Buckminster Fuller was talking about ending hunger in 1976. Now all of us can put the power of social media and mobile devices to execute.

Now that’s satisfying.