Website, Unveiled!

We announce new websites that we build for clients every month, but its less frequent that we announce our own. I’m proud to say it’s up now!

It’s important to examine the purpose of a website redesign. Perhaps the competition has surpassed your ability to get Google search rankings. Maybe the site isn’t responsive and you’re missing potential mobile users. Or the purpose of the site has changed and your current technology is not up for the new job. 

Hey, the web is changing every day and there are long lists of good (evidence-based and value-creating) reasons to update your website. Here’s why we redesigned our site. 

Agile design and a modular content framework

We left behind a venerable Wordpress website in favor of Drupal. One of the big reasons we changed technologies was because we’ve changed our design process. Over the last two years we’ve moved away from developing layouts and templates, and replaced that process with style sheets, pattern libraries and modular content systems. This allows us to move through the strategy and design phases rapidly, to begin the development process so we can inject our actual content. It gives us the freedom to design for emerging and evolving needs not just the anticipated and pre-planned functionality and content. It lets the whole team engage the site and work to refine it. What you will see now is the beginning of much more to come. Not just content but design and functional depth. 


We want more from our website (and our clients want more from theirs). Website proportions are shifting, from company background and credentials, to information and resources. We are helping marketing executives solve real-wold problems, whether they are clients or not. That means publishing info graphics, process articles, trend insights and links to content and other resources we feel is relevant and valuable to these people. Activation is the process of using digital and social media to deliver content and information to influencers and managers who can benefit from and act on that knowledge. 

Marketing is bigger than the marketing department

Torque operates in an ecosystem of people, community and business. Sure our site helps us get new business; every new client pays us a visit online at an early stage of the process to choose an agency partner. But we also have really important conversations with marketing and design students, professionals in transition and companies that offer complementary services in the same brand, marketing and digital ecosystem. Our brand is the sum total of all this talent and capability and it’s important to serve each of these users through the site. 

The most essential part of our ecosystem is of course our internal team. Our old website used to be managed by the digital team, with most updates handed to them to implement. Now almost everyone is contributing content to sections of the site, as well as related links to our social sites. This is a huge boon to our content creation, which now comes from the people working on client business every day, and capturing those first hand experiences, to deliver insights and ideas to our users. 

The website isn’t just a website anymore. Just as an organization’s brand is more than products and services, but the vast intersection of all it’s talent and resources. Our new website is the heart of our brand ecosystem, expressed. We look forward to many guest and collaborative contributions and and exciting evolution ahead!

Image credit: Por Homme