Spotlighting Innovation and Entrepreneurship Among Small and Mid-Market Businesses

Torque has worked with the DePaul Coleman Center for Entrepreneurship to help communicate their role as a dynamic thought leader, educator and guide for Chicago business owners. Raman Chadha, executive director and clinical professor for the Coleman Center, has been executing this positioning in many ways, including sharing his insights on notable second-stage companies every Friday on Enterprise City, Crain's blog for Chicago entrepreneurs.

His column is a resource and homage to the rise of smaller, smarter and more innovative businesses that are growing despite the challenged economy. When working with the Coleman Center, we encouraged staff, like Chadha, to develop a strategic and informative blogging strategy.

Most recently, in his column, “Back on the Radar: Lyons Consulting Group," featuring Lyons Consulting, a Chicago-based web development firm that has been aggressively growing through a strategy of absolute focus, both on exclusive e-commerce development and on customer satisfaction. The firm, which has also partnered with Torque, has been able to double in size as a result of its new strategy.

Reading about successful small-to-mid size businesses is always inspiring. And it’s with a knowledgeable blogger like Chadha that we continue to look ahead at the possibilities of progress for Chicago-based companies.