Circus Dog Holidays

Throughout the winter holiday season, people are often preoccupied with thinking about what gifts they want to receive from family and friends. That feeling of greed can overwhelm holiday spirit. At Torque, however, we’re always giving - our strategies, our creative services, and now, a holiday party (although the first two items aren’t necessarily free — hey, we have bills to pay, too!).

A special thank-you to all of our clients, vendors, family and friends who came out for the Torque holiday party last week. After a couple of frenzied weeks of planning and decorating, we created a cozy setting in our new loft office where people embraced the joy, each other, and some bottles of good cheer.

Along with the delicious food, drinks and dessert, Junebug, a fun-loving pitbull and one of the stars of the The Midnight Circus, entertained the crowd as she jumped hoops and gave high-fives (these are also well-known Torque staff antics). A year ago, Junebug was a fighting pitbull. Thanks to her current owner, Jeff, who gave her the gifts of unconditional love and proper training, she is now an adorable dog that can rally together a crowd of adults and children.

Just like Jeff & Junebug , we wanted to spread love and holiday cheer to people who are important to us.

Check out our Facebook page for pics of Jeff, Junebug and others at our festive  night. We hope the spirit of giving is deep within everyone — remember to give something special to someone special this holiday season!