Coleman Center Raises the Bar

The Coleman Entrepreneurship Center at DePaul University has formally introduced its new suite of educational programs to support owners of mid-market companies, from $5 million to $25 million. The Center continues to support students and startups, but now is putting considerable focus on helping move established business managers to the next level.

To get here, Coleman tapped Torque to translate their unique strategy into a brand communication plan that includes messaging strategies and a suite of digital communication tools. One example is their Business Owner Minutes, one-to-two-minute videos of business owners sharing a unique insight, posted weekly on their blog. This quick-and-frequent format allows Coleman to present a wide range of views and insights, and to stay in touch. They are also re-publishing posts from other blogs (see my own there).

Coleman is kicking off the new program with Breakthroughs: A Symposium for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & CEOs Thursday, October 28, at 8:30am at The Metropolitan Club. Learn more on their new website, and stay tuned as the Coleman Center launches its bold new venture.