Do Men and Women Lead Differently?

Gender differences are perhaps the oldest—and among the most poignant—discussion our culture knows. Geoffrey Chaucer treated the topic with timeless wit and relevance in his Canterbury Tales. Centuries later, scholars continue writing about Chaucer. My father, Michael Masi, was one of those scholars, and his last book was on Chaucer and Gender.

Fast forward to April 29, 2010, when you can join us for the next MENG Evening Leadership Event, an exploration of how gender affects leadership in top marketing roles. We know from popular books and media that men and women approach many things differently and we can often learn from the opposite sex. But, does this also apply to leadership in the workplace?

But don't wait to make your point: send me your answers to these questions now, so we can tee-up more ideas for the evening event!

  • Do men and women lead differently?
  • Every leader develops their own style. How is that style informed by a person's gender?
  • Has political correctness created perfect gender blindness in today's workplace?

Whatever your experience has been, participating in our conversation will get you to think about leadership differently—and give you ideas to apply to your particular leadership situation or challenge. Come network, listen, share, and learn. Program details are below, and registration is open at See you there! April 29, 2010 Location: Information Resources Inc., 150 N. Clinton St, Chicago Refreshments:  Yes!—drinks and a hearty hors d’oeuvre buffet 5.30p - 6.30p networking 6.30p - 8p program 8p-8.30p networking Admission: $30 members, $40 non-members Register: MENG thanks SymphonyIRI for generously providing the facility for this event.