Navigating the New Normal: Midmarket Companies in the New Economy

Best of times, worst of times? Maybe…and no doubt a thrill of you’re a stimulus junkie entrepreneur. Here’s what we’re seeing: Midmarket companies face multiple challenges: the wobbly economic recovery, global competition, and relative invisibility in a business world dominated by the lore and legend of Fortune 500 companies.

Torque has been working with midmarket companies and increasingly find this to be not only a sweet spot for our agency services, but somewhat of a holy grail for the economy and our nation’s prosperity as a whole.

Consider that midmarket companies drive about half of the nation’s economy, including 45% of all jobs. Niche midmarket players are the seat of innovation, playing a well-understood role in generating new ideas for business, often to be acquired and scaled by large corporations, themselves unable to innovate at the same levels.

However, the challenge remains: where do we go to engage the dialog for midmarket ideologies and practices? Who identifies with being a midmarket business owner or manager? I’d like to know what you think. Please voice your views here, or join an upcoming discussion on March 16. See below for details.

Some of the leadership voices in this investigation are people we’re working with, and sharing the dialog. I look forward to hearing from you, as well. 

Ram Iyer, midmarket visionary, founder of The Midmarket Institute, a resource portal and community for midmarket insight sharing, greater visibility and focused study and understanding of the midmarket.

DePaul University Coleman Entrepreneurship Center, now focusing on serving business owners of companies from $5 to $25 million.

Rob Slee, defining author of midmarket business innovation, founder of Midas Nation, destination for midmarket learning. 

Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Mid-Market Forum, Chicago’s hub for midmarket business managers to gather and access insights on developing competitive advantage and growth.

Voice your views at the upcoming event: Navigating The New Normal, a dialog and introduction to a Toolkit for Midmarket Companies in the new Economy.

Join the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Mid-Market Forum for an interactive discussion on the dynamics and opportunities of the marketplace for midmarket owners and managers. As we enter 2010, midmarket companies face challenges unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes. What should you do as a midmarket company to thrive in the "new normal?"

Ram Iyer will lead the discussion about the top ten challenges facing midmarket companies, providing insights and sharing tools and resources that make it easier to assess and implement strategies for the midmarket. Mr Iyer’s session  promises to be a lively session, and will provide actionable strategies and tools. However, and most importantly, attendees will be able to establish an ongoing dialog with Mr. Iyer, and will have a framework for rethinking their business models and the marketplace.

Register at this link, or contact Linda Susmilch 312.494.6701

Date: Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Time: 8:00 am - 9:00 am. Registration and Networking begins at 7:30am

Cost: Members: $25; Non-Members: $35

Location: 300 S. Riverside Plaza, 16th Floor, Chicago, IL 60606

Sponsors: Nixon Peabody