Tis the Season to Venture Something New

It’s the season for many things: festivity, shopping, and last but not least, connecting with people. The holidays are a time of year when many people acknowledge they want to feel more connected to others. They let their guard down and embrace the messages and experiences that are all around them. And in doing that, they discover a side of themselves they never expected.

Last Friday, in the spirit of connecting, we held our Torque holiday party. We opened the doors wide, and invited friends, clients, vendors and associates. It was a great success. What made it even better was having long-time friend and highly talented photographer Angela Swan photograph our guests in wildly unexpected ways. Angela changes what can be an awkward occasion into an engaging, spontaneous experience that makes for lasting memories.

Angela has modified her business model to be unique in a crowded market of event paparazzi and wedding photographers. She gently pushes, prods and cajoles party guests to leap with wild abandon into the air, where she captures them in a clear moment of euphoric glee. She calls her business Jump Shots, and hires herself out to events as a photographic experience. Her images are provocative portrayals of people indulging their uninhibited selves and connecting through pure play. They can transform an otherwise ordinary event into a lively surprise.

Angela is a great example of how a company can depart dynamically from a predicable service, to provide a unique offering. I found her work to be a clear reminder of how important it is to make a product stand out, get remembered and build connection. Don’t take my word for it: see for yourself how the Torque party guests flew!