Embrace Consumer Tribes for Marketing Performance

Midmarket companies are facing major challenges, asking:

  • My marketing influences fewer people, with diminishing results. What do I need to change?
  • The big brands have the financial muscle to squeeze us “little guys” out.
  • How do I reduce marketing spend and increase ROI?

Torque teamed up with Accelteon Partners Inc. of Toronto, Ontario, responding to these questions with an instructional eBook on embracing consumer tribes. It’s a look at ways for midmarket companies to better connect their marketing efforts with consumers by matching interests and behaviors, and by customizing messages, all while managing costs to produce a greater net return.

“Marketers who see consumers as tribes can give those consumers ways to use their brands to connect to each other. Marketing becomes a way of conversing with consumers—and a way for consumers to relate to each other,” said Malcolm Jussawalla, Partner at Accelteon Partners Inc. “In our eBook we present a new way of thinking about brands and consumers, and how the two interrelate.”

The eBook project details the market transformation of a bottled water company, from a me-too player, to a tribe-focused brand. Insights are drawn from Accelteon’s expertise in strategy & analytics and Torque’s expertise in market execution.

By becoming Tribe-centric (rather than product-driven or ad-driven) a brand can expand relationships with loyal consumers and also foster relationships with new consumers. For this study, we addressed all of the brands consumer touch points, from a bottle design that allows kids to grip the bottle, to environmentally appealing alternatives to disposable bottles.

Download Tribal Waters: Embracing Consumer Tribes