Crossing Silos, a midmarket morning seminar

The Midmarket Forum at the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce is offering a breakfast seminar on June 11, 2009.

As a committee member, I have helped the Midmarket Forum focus on topics that address competition and marketplace challenges (such as economic downturns).

The midmarket is a rewarding sector of the US economy to study. Midmarket businesses drive nearly half of the economy and provide 50% of the jobs. During this recessionary cycle we've been besieged by negative media reporting on the disasters in the automotive, housing and financial markets. We've also been inundated with the bad news from large corporations and their attention-grabbing layoffs. All the while the unsung and often invisible midmarket has been pressing on.

The mission of the Midmarket Forum is to bring resources and insights to businesses that compete against much larger companies, regardless of whether they are $10 million or $500 million in size. Among the largest pressures they face are a rapidly globalizing marketplace, and significantly lighter resources than their much larger competitors.

Crossing Silos will explore ways for departments to collaborate, across HR, Brand marketing and Strategic planning (as well as other functional areas), and to identify advantages and ways to extend efforts and investment in one area of the company to have farther reaching benefits in other areas of the business.

Click the link below for registration information, and I hope you can attend!

Click here for photos of the event.