Launching brand platforms – seeing through the storm

I’m pleased to announce key projects delivered for prominent clients in Q3, including a phase I community platform website for US Playing Card,, a logo mark for BOMA Chicago and brand standards for Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce.

In the face of tremulous financial news, these three organizations are leaning into the storm of economic uncertainty. The watchword for all three has been vision. Vision for growth, vision for change and vision for new modes of engaging markets.

US Playing Card has begun building a true web 2.0 community, beginning with online content. We’re at work now, alongside IMS PR to link mobile marketing and shopper marketing to the website. We’re also working with Orbit Media to add commerce and community functionality to the website, to create marketing interaction that runs parallel to the interactive nature of the brand USPC is building.

BOMA will unveil its new logo mark later this year, with a platform for inducting youthful leadership into Chicago’s commercial property management community. Among their agendas, to be aided by forward-looking marketing, is the dissolution of silos and the involvement of the next generation of managers to take the reigns of the city’s most valuable commercial properties, the places where Chicago runs business.

Also going through re-invention is the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce. Again, beginning behind the scenes with brand standards, The Chamber is laying the groundwork for building its brand, not just a series of member congregations. In collaboration with Catalyst and Search Channel, Torque is currently guiding the brand and user experience design of the Chamber’s website.

We’re not saying the business leaders we know aren’t nervous about the roiling economic events. Rather, we see renewed courage in taking responsibility for the future, regardless.