Your Brand Means Business!

Kevin Masi will speak as a panelist on Tuesday, June 24, at a luncheon at the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce. A member of the Chamber’s Mid Market Forum, he will lead a panel discussion on five priorities in brand building for businesses today. Masi explains, “Many companies see marketing as the management of mass media advertising. Many more are driven by their products, by running operations or by sales. While all of these things are important, the new rules of marketing today show us that, if you only think of your brand as a name, logo to represent advertising and products, you’re missing opportunities. Worse, your business could be at risk as your competitors learn to tap the power of their own brands.”

Masi will talk about the key branding principles his agency, Torque, uses to create and broadcast brands for their clients. He will illustrate these concepts with two Torque client case studies: Charles Marine, Green Exchange and Wilson Golf.

The Mid Market Forum was formed by the Chamber in response to a growing awareness that mid market companies, between $10 million and $500 million, are not widely recognized as having distinct needs from small business and large corporate business. Mid market business makes up about half of the US economy, and provides about half of the jobs in the marketplace. However, most of these companies are privately held and financed, making them difficult to see and study as a group. The Chamber’s Mid Market Forum takes these quantifications one step further, defining “Mid Market” companies as those which embody an entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to innovation, tackling big company challenges without the deep resources. “These are the same terms we use to describe our best clients,” says Masi.

Visit the Chamber website for more information about the seminar, and to register.