The Housing Industry Makes a Stand at IBS 2008

It is no longer news that the housing industry is embattled, and that the effects are rippling through adjacent industries (Wickes Furniture Co., a venerable regional manufacturer, cites the housing slump as a key cause of furniture sales slowdown that forced last week’s Ch. 11 announcement).

This week, the International Builder Show (IBS) returns to Orlando, FL. As always, Torque will be in attendance, and we will be looking for innovative industry trends. This is a time to sharpen tools and rethink strategies. We will be reporting on what we see, and expect to find the following, many of which may seem counter-intuitive:


  • Increased marketing budgets
  • Increased branding, with decreased emphasis on sales
  • Creative partnerships, joint offerings and sponsorships, including industry associations and chambers of commerce
  • Increase in value-added services to differentiate against product-focused offerings
  • Increased emphasis on return on marketing investment, not just awareness or media placement

Perhaps the Daytona 500 will help to fuel inspirations for the week.
If you’re headed to that part of the country this week, I hope to see you there!

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