Genuine holiday goodwill made easy

How do you express appreciation for your customers at the year-end holidays? Gift baskets, popcorn buckets, chocolate reindeer: they don’t always make the right statement.

Our colleagues at Heartfelt charities offer an excellent alternative.

They make customized greeting cards, and the proceeds from the sale go to the charity of your choice. The cards achieve two very wholesome outcomes: The first is a healthy contribution to your favorite charity; the second is a meaningful and sincere expression of care and interest to your most valued customers.

In a tightening economic climate—where customers count more than ever—Heartfelt cards let your customers know how important they are to your business. And at such reasonable prices, attractive product, and complete fulfillment, Heartfelt can help you make that important statement much more easily than you might have thought possible.

Visit Heartfelt online to view cards and select charity with their easy to navigate website!

Here are a few cards you can find at Heartfelt: