Introducing…Torque’s New Identity

Torque has finally sat back long enough to reconsider its own "shoes" for going to market. The result- a whole new look and sense of purpose.

This Old House and Extreme Makeover are doing it. Why can’t we? Actually, our identity is a reflection of real change in action. Our bold new logo just happens to be the most visible piece, the cherry atop the sweet cake we’ve been baking for some time now. Torque has been in business over 15 years, through dot-com busts, recessions, technology update after technology update, and major agency world re-orgs. It’s been eventful, and we’ve learned far more than we can ever share. We’ve gotten bolder and more focused on what we want in our relationships and what we want with the work we’re doing. We are clearly in the business of moving brands, people and sales. To be better movers (and business shakers) we’ve added strategic marketing power to our staff. To make our home more dynamic for all the war room and brainstorm sessions, we’ve remodeled our space. To stay current and interactive, we’ve launched a blog. To ride the virtual wave, we’ve immersed ourselves in online strategy, development partners and technology updates. It's all about forward momentum.

The list of changes goes on and on, but what we want to acknowledge most is the change in our view of the future. Now more than ever, the business world needs creative thinking that builds relationships. We understand that creativity is not just a clever headline or image, but a fresh insight into how to capture someone’s imagination and win a heart. It’s about building intrigue and then trust. The general public is increasingly more skeptical of marketing messages, and it’s our job and the application of our talent that will help woo them back. It’s a great job, building rapport and getting people excited. We’re certainly excited. Won’t you join us in generating change?