Choosing the Right URL for Your Business: Get Specific!

In this day and age, it’s clear that websites are a vital part of any company’s marketing program. With the explosion of the Internet, the selection of available URLs that exactly match your name has almost become impossible. Unless your first choice is something as specific as, you’re likely to be caught
reformulating or adding words and numbers
until you find something that’s free.

This can be problematic for marketers that are fixated on the idea of their URL being a dead match to the name of their business followed by “.com”. Again, unless your business is actually called We Sell Great Food at Moderate Prices, somebody has probably already snatched up the URL you had in mind; the entire world is competing for these addresses, after all.

While this may seem disheartening, it can actually be a blessing for your marketing program. Adding a suffix to your company name not only gives you the more specific content that you’ll need to snatch up an available URL, it strategically provides for a more expressive address, something that serves as a testament not just of who you are but of what you do.

For example, you may own a photography studio called 3-2-1 or a salon called Crystal, but how many new parents would know to visit for baby pictures? Would a woman needing a haircut know to try Even a simple addition can make an immense difference: think of how many more customers you would attract with or Not only are these addresses more likely to be available, they also give vital information to prospective clients and provide cues to make your URL more memorable. Using qualifying words in your URL also increases your search engine visibility.

At Torque, we’ve crafted several strategic URL’s, beginning with our own. Not only was an unavailable address, it’s also fairly ambiguous. We distinguished ourselves by becoming, in reference to our work doing strategic launches of brands and products. Another example is, the URL for the condominium 33Six. The addition of a city name makes site less anonymous and attracts the focus of a more pertinent audience.

In short, don’t get too caught up in getting a URL that exactly matches your business name. While intuition says that it’s the best option, it can actually make lead to an ambiguous Internet search by prospective customers. A concise, practical suffix, however, is like a blinking marquis directing clients right to your door.